Ages 7 to Adult:
   More than 50 years ago our studio was founded as a tap dance studio. Tap has long been a popular dance form
   featured in club revues, Broadway shows and Hollywood films.  This fun and challenging form of dance promotes
   a combination of rhythm, timing and coordination.  Students develop musicality through various barre, center and
   cross-floor exercises and routines.  We focus on proper techniques, clear taps and appropriate speed.
       Suggested for ages 2 to 6:
  This combination of tap dance and basic tumbling provides a full hour of instruction for younger children with
  short attention spans.  Tap is fun and provides a sense of rhythm, timing and coordination not learned in any
  other dance form.  The children marvel at the sound their shoes make and feel proud to learn and execute steps.
       Ages 6 to 10
  This is gymnastic floor work without apparatus.  The student will learn skills to increase strength, flexibility and
  overall fitness, as well as basic through advance tumbling skills (i.e. forward/backward rolls through back hand-
  springs, aerials, etc.) .  It builds confidence and self-discipline, reinforces and improves posture, and builds 
  skills that apply to other sports.
       Ages 5 through Adult:
  Jazz has always been a popular dance form, and no wonder!The fast-paced and interesting movements are eye-
  appealing and fun!  Jazz dance is based on the techniques of ballet, modern and African dance and is set to upbeat
  music.  This dance form promotes strength, flexibility, coordination and the ability to move and control each part of
  the body.  We proudly offer a full range of jazz instruction encompassing Broadway style to hip-hop.
       Ages 8 through Adult:
  Proper ballet technique is critical in all forms of dance.  Ballet helps dancers develop grace, balance, strength and
  flexibility.  Our classical ballet instruction is suitable for the serious dancer as well as those who would like to
  improve their performance in other dance forms or just enjoy a great form of exercise.  While ballet is considered
  more "serious" than other dance forms, we seek to make the experience fun and entertaining.  Note: Competition
  students are required to take a minimum of two ballet classes per week.
      Ages 7 and Up
  Lyrical dance combines ballet, modern dance and jazz resulting in an emotionally expressive dance form.  This
  theatrical form of dance strives to tell a story and is intended to evoke emotion.
      Ages 7 and up
  While hip-hop is incorporated into many off jazz classes, we also have classes dedicated to this popular "MTV-style" of 
  dance.  Come and add your own "flava".