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295 US Highway 46


Arrival and Dismissal:

 We will be checking all temperatures at the main lobby door of anyone who plans to enter the building with a ‘No-Touch’ temporal scan thermometer. Anybody with a temperature of 100.4 or higher will be sent home immediately.

 Upon arrival, all students will be given hand sanitizer. At the end of every class, students will do a fun “hand washing dance routine” before exiting and going home.

 Students may bring their own hand sanitizer if you choose to.

 In order to limit the amount of people in our lobby, parents must drop off kids at the door and remain in cars at pick-up time. Each staff member has “a helper” for every class to assure kids will always be supervised and safe.

 Parents with a dancer under the age of 5 may walk their child to the door themselves but please WEAR A MASK!

 One parent per child under the age of 5 to limit the number of people.

 Dancers will be required to bring their own pre-filled water bottles.

 EVERYONE who enters the building is required to wear a mask. Students are not required but encouraged to wear a mask during class time. However, if they choose not to, they must be masked entering and exiting. Our staff will be masked at all times to allow for your dancers ability to breathe easier while dancing.

 Please remind your child if they choose to wear a mask to dance with limited exertion. Basically, just not “full-out”. (I can’t believe I just said that out loud)


Covid-19 S​afety Procedures & Protocols:

Class Routine:

 Classes will now be 45 minutes each to allow teachers time to clean and disinfect between classes, and to allow students time to wash hands before and after activity.

 Classrooms have been marked for social distance standards allowing 6ft between each student AND teacher. Barres for ballet have been marked as well.

 DRESSING ROOM WILL REMAIN CLOSED for the course of the summer. Cubbies have been moved to the lobby and will be thoroughly wiped down after every class.

 Our teachers remain committed to providing a positive, constructive, and HEALTHY environment. Therefore, verbal correction will be given throughout class, absolutely NO hands-on correction.


 The studio has been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected prior to opening.

 Dance floors and any high-touch areas will be cleaned in between classes and at the end of each day.

 Cubbies will be cleaned and sanitized after every use and at the end of each day.

 New ‘no-touch’ soap dispensers have been installed in the bathrooms and bathrooms will be cleaned frequently throughout each day